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Fronius · 1478ANG0004

Welding Set's... Advantage packages of our used rental equipment - "TIG DC 170A" for professionals, hobbyists, car hobbyists, artists, tinkerers and doers!

Only as long as stock lasts - advantage packages of our used rental equipment - Fronius TransTig 1750 Puls.

The advantage packages consist of different accessories, e.g.:

- Fronius TransTig 1750 Pulse
- Tig torch SR17 "HighFlex version" in 8m length with up/down function
- Ground cable 25mm² in 4m
- E-hand cable 25mm² in 4m
- pressure reducer
- Gas hose 5m
- Accessory box with wearing parts (3 pcs. tungsten electrodes, 6 pcs. clamping sleeve housing, 6 pcs. clamping sleeves in 1,6mm + 2,4mm + 3,2mm, 4 pcs. ceramic gas nozzles in different sizes, 2 pcs. clamping caps short/long)
- Automatic welding helmet
- 10L proprietary argon bottle, filled

You want another automatic helmet or another bottle size?- No problem.
Contact us and we will make you an offer for YOUR welding set!

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