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Shut-off bubbles 1-96 · 1837ABN0023

Pipestoppers Pipe Fittings Bubbles 30-96, Cylindrical

Pipestoppers Pipe Fittings Bubbles 30-96, Cylindrical

Pipestoppers are a simple and cost effective solution to create a
Pipeline or duct before penetration of liquids, gases or dirt
to protect the world. Ideal for insertion through openings smaller than the diameter to be sealed.

The standard version is cylindrical and available in sizes from DN 25 to DN 2,400.
If required, the sealing cushions can also be supplied in spherical, heat-resistant stoppers.
(with protective cover XHR up to 300°C) or with oil and chemical resistance available on request.

Inflatable plugs are made of a latex balloon with a waterproof cover,
polyurethane-coated nylon. This makes the stopper extremely low-friction.
and static charging (sparking) is prevented. Equipped with 130
cm PU hose and a Schrader valve.

- Absolutely lightweight and therefore inexpensive to ship
- Cost-effective alternative to mechanical pipe plugs

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