Tungsten electrodes, WC 20 - grey, length 175 mm, diameter 4.8 mm, ground surface ~ SCHWEISS-SHOP WC 20 (grau) 4,8 ~ WC 20 - grey ~ 307WTR0008 ~ Schweiss Shop

WC 20 - grey · 307WTR0008

Tungsten Electrodes, WC 20 - grey, length 175 mm, Ø 4,8 mm, longitudinal axis, quality to EN 26 848, Purpose electrode for almost all applications

Fig. may deviate


Composition: W + 2% Cer

  • The cerierte electrode WC20 is the purpose electrode for almost all applications:

    Direct current and alternating current, carbon steel, high-alloy steel, aluminum alloys, titanium alloys, nickel alloys, copper alloys and magnesium alloys

  • This electrode is a good alternative to thoriated electrodes, the main advantage of the high life, good load capacity and the environmental impact can be seen


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