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Filter systems · 064FAL0009

TEKA CAREMASTER - filter system with disposable filter - Type SF-W, wall mounted boom arm 1 length, NW 8 m, Ø 150 mm, suction arm hose internal joints

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Stationary mechanical filter unit. Appropriate to fume suction for welding jobs with non alloyed metals.

Stationary welding fume filter whose stable steel plate construction with continuous powder coating guarantees low maintenance operation even under rough conditions.
The gross particles are separated in the pre-filter. Afterwards, the air is guided through the particle filter (separation efficiency ≥ 99 %) where even finest fumes and dusts are separated. The lifting device guarantees absolute impermeability and also the separation efficiency of the filter unit.
The unit is fitted with a high-capacity fan with high negative pressure that guarantees high volumetric flow even if the filter is saturated.


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