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Shenzhen JASIC Technology Co. Ltd (JASIC Technology) is an innovative welding company focused on research and development. Integrity and efficiency are the fundamental guiding principles of our business. For this reason, our high quality products, developed in accordance with European standards, enjoy the greatest trust in the international industry. We are passionate about constantly improving the business success of our partners and the satisfaction of our users with our products and services.

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To stay ahead of the needs of the global market, we relentlessly strive for innovation and technical development. Thanks to our highly skilled team, we are able to offer first-class welding equipment, which is used for the most ambitious projects in modern history, such as the construction of the Beijing Bird's Nest Stadium, among others.

Shenzhen Jasic Technology Co Ltd was founded in 2005, and almost 17 years later, JASIC already employs more than a thousand people worldwide. With a turnover of more than 200 million US dollars, it is one of the largest welding machine manufacturers in the world...

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JASIC is also listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Today, JASIC is a pioneer in IGBT inverter welding technology and exports to more than 80 countries. With one of the most modern production facilities in Shengzhen, JASIC is able to realise an annual production capacity of more than one million units of various products for diverse welding applications.
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Products from Jasic: 1 to 8

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