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The steps to an ordering process:

This is how easy it is to order welding technology articles from our online shop:

1. Article search
Articles can be searched for and selected using the navigation above.

The desired search words can be entered in the search field. After the third character, a list appears showing how many articles have this search word (and its possible alternative).

If several search words are entered, a list appears in which these words occur alone in an article or together. The title and the description are always searched.

2. Article selection - transfer to the shopping basket
In the article list, you can enter the desired order units for each article. By clicking on the button shown here

the order unit(s) of this item entered there will be transferred to the shopping cart.

3. Shopping cart
When the first item is transferred to a shopping cart, the number of items in the shopping cart and a provisionally calculated total amount without shipping costs appear in the right-hand area.
Beispiel Warenkorb
Click on the area below the red line to display a list of the items in your shopping basket.
If you click on the shopping basket symbol, you will be taken directly to the shopping basket. There you can still make changes before you place the order.

4. Changes in the shopping cart
The following options are available here:
As soon as you change the quantity of an item and click this button, the prices will be updated.
Remove this one item from the shopping cart.
Delivery country You can select the desired country of delivery for the calculation of shipping costs. When ordering and entering the address data, this can be changed later.
Order article Complete the shopping basket and proceed to the ordering process.
remove all Remove all items from the shopping basket. discard "Order".

5. Order process - information about the customer/orderer
There are three selection options before entering the data:

"Are you already a customer with us?"
Then, by entering the email address and password, the address data of the last order will be entered. These can then still be changed. If you have forgotten your password, you can request a new one by entering your email address.

"Would you like to create a customer account?
In this case, the details of the customer/orderer must be entered in the form there, with the assignment of a password.

"I would like to order without registration"
In this case, the details of the customer/orderer are entered in the form there without assigning a password.

In all cases, the correctness of the information is confirmed by clicking "Continue to overview". The General Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy must also be accepted in advance by clicking on the checkbox. These can be viewed there in advance.

To return to the shopping basket, click on the "back" button of your web browser or click on "shopping basket" (see point 3 of these instructions)

6. Order - Receipt page
On this page you will receive all information about the shopping cart (item) and the customer/orderer.
You can discard your order by clicking on "Shopping cart" (see point 3. of these instructions) and "Remove all items from the shopping cart. Discard order (see point 4 of these instructions).

By clicking on the button
Order article
you finally and bindingly order in our shop system.

7. Mail information
After carrying out 6. you will receive a visual confirmation of your action and a confirmation of receipt of the order by email.

Your purchase contract for an item is formed when we accept your order by sending you an email notifying you that the item has been dispatched to you.

All other emails are for confirmation of receipt of your order only and do not constitute acceptance of your offer to enter into a contract of sale.
Directly into the shopping cart

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