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Buy, rent, exchange gas cylinders in Hamburg - Gase-Center-Hamburg

The Gase-Center-Hamburg - always over 500 gas cylinders in stock. Get technical gases in the exchange system.

we offer you the following gases:

Exchange, purchase, rent - Your Gase-Center-Hamburg

Gas cylinders can be exchanged quickly and easily with us. Without waiting time, without contracts -
hand in your empty gas cylinder and take a full one with you.
You don't have a gas cylinder of your own yet? You are welcome to buy the gas cylinders from us. Once bought, it's yours forever!
Or you can rent a gas cylinder from us on site in Hamburg - so you are flexible with costs and use.

Delivery of gas cylinders in Hamburg and the surrounding area

We will gladly deliver your gas cylinders directly to the construction site, to your company or to your home. Regular customers pay by invoice.
As a new customer, you can pay directly to our driver in cash or by EC cash.

We charge 53.- to 69.- Euro (plus VAT) per hour for deliveries and departures without further surcharges after effective billing.

Delivery is made with our gas van - we can deliver up to a maximum of 620kg in one tour.

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