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Manufacturer number directory - direct search for manufacturer numbers

With the new manufacturer number search, we offer you a direct search option from extensive manufacturer lists!
This is how it works
  • Select manufacturer, select available PDF catalogue, search for product
  • Copy the article number and enter it into the new number search
  • the article is added to the shopping cart

As manufacturer numbers are unique, the search for the manufacturer number will show exactly the desired article.
A sometimes time-consuming search through large search results is no longer necessary.

  • If you have the manufacturer number of the item you are looking for to hand, you can enter it directly in the "Search term / manufacturer number" field.
  • The direct search automatically displays the item detail page and you have all the available information on the product at a glance.
  • If the search does not produce any results, this may be due to incorrect spelling of the manufacturer's number.
  • In this case, start by entering the first numbers.
    All listed article numbers of this manufacturer will then be displayed in ascending order for selection. Here you can also see the format of the numbers.
    Fronius numbers, for example, are separated by a comma and not by a full stop.
When you select the item from the list, the selected item is added to the shopping basket.

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