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TEKA CAREMASTER - Filteranlage mit Einwegfilter - Typ SF-W, wandmontiert 2 Absaugarme Länge, NW 4 m, Ø 150 mm, Absaugarm Schlauch innenliegende GelenkeTEKA CAREMASTER - filter system with disposable filter - Type SF-W, wall mounted 2 Suction arms length, NW 4 m, Ø 150 mm, suction arm hose internal joints

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CAREMASTER - Filteranlage mit Einwegfilter - Typ SF-W

Stationärer Schweißrauchfilter für die meisten industriellen Absaugprobleme, insbesondere für das Absaugen von Rauchen, die beim thermischen Bearbeiten von Metallen entstehen. Ausgerüstet mit einer langlebigen Filterkassette, Vorfiltereinheit, Filterüberwachung, Dichtsitzhebeeinrichtung, Betriebs- stundenzähler, Wandhalterung und Motorschutzschalter für Wandmontage.

Ventilator: 3.500 m³/h

Motor: 2,2 kW 400V/50Hz

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CAREMASTER - Filteranlage mit Einwegfilter - Typ SF-W

Mobile welding fumes filter, IFA - certified. Appropriate to fumes suction during welding jobs with unalloyed steels and precious metals

This mobile welding fumes filter has a separation efficiency of ≥ 99 %.
The unit corresponds to the security requirements for units of the welding fume category W3 (high-alloyed steels). When handling the unit correctly, you can use it for circulating air operation because it fulfils the requirements for the exceptional rules according to the new hazardous substances ordinance.
A stable construction made of steel plate with continuous powder coating guarantees a low maintenance even under rough conditions.
The gross particles are separated in the pre-filter. Afterwards the air is guided through the particle filter where even finest fumes and dusts are separated. The lifting device guarantees an absolute impermeability and therefore the separation efficiency of the filter unit.
The air is evacuated on the backside of the unit through an outlet grill and rises up. Thus, at a distance of 1 m you cannot perceive a disturbing air flow any more.
The unit is fitted with a high-capacity fan with high negative pressure which guarantees a high volumetric flow even if the filter is saturated.