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Panoramaxx with industrial Helmet

Panoramaxx CLT Industrial - Get 40% discount

Panoramaxx Quattro Industrial - Get 40% discount



Crystal Lens Technology

The panoramaxx clt connects the large panoramic field of view
with the worldwide unique Crystal Lens Technology, which a
brightness level of 2.0 and provides the welder with a color
and detailed view of the weld pool.

ShadeTronic inactive:   shade level 2.0
active, manual:             shade levels 7-12
Battery life range:         300 to 500 charging cycles
ShadeTronic 4-12 with individual calibration option ± 2.


Optical Classes 1/1/1/1

The panoramaxx quattro is a heavy-duty welding helmet for extreme
use. It has a panoramic field of vision that always offers optimum
protection even at difficult viewing angles. Its extremely good
visibility is confirmed by the classification 1/1/1/1 according to
DIN EN 379.

ShadeTronic inactive:   shade level 3.0
active, manual:             shade levels 8-13
Battery life range:         300 to 500 charging cycles
ShadeTronic 4-13 with individual calibration option ± 2.

Optrel - neo green p550

Optrel Neo p550 safety helmet

Get 42% discount on optrels neo p550

revolutionary anti-glare technology for colourfast vision when welding.
incredible 3,000 hours of uptime and 0.1 ms response time when turning on the arc.
For perfect eye protection and comfort.

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Classic with the latest glare protection

The optrel p550 is one of optrel's best-selling welding helmets.
With its new anti-glare cassette technology, it is now even better as the neo p550.


  • Delay function
  • New energy concept
  • True colour vision
  • Lightweight
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